Business Networking & Golf Comes to Haggs Castle GC

“FORE” Business Is The Fastest Growing Community Of Business Leaders Who Network On The Golf Course

The new business networking group will launch at Haggs Castle Golf Club, on Wednesday 14th March 2018 from 07.20am and we look forward to welcoming new members over the coming months.

Jim Callaghan CCM, General Manager at Haggs Castle Golf Club commented:

“The fairway is the perfect ‘playing field’ for important business meetings, discussions and negotiations to take place. “FORE” Business has already proven over and over again that it’s a no brainer to join the #1 members club for business owners who enjoy golf and love to network?’.”

Now in it’s fifth year, “FORE” Business has over 90 groups, with approximately 1600 members, located at some of the leading golf courses across the UK. The monthly business networking groups provide local business owners with the perfect environment to meet other business leaders and share new business opportunities.

Sean Fergusson, co-founder of “FORE” Business also commented on the benefits that “FORE” Business brings to any business owner:

“Being a member of the biggest, and fastest growing community of business golfers has many benefits.

“The nationwide network of business owners has already shared more than £25 million in business opportunities amongst the network. Each new member here at Haggs Castle Golf Club will have access to a ready made stream of new business opportunities.

“FORE” Business monthly membership starts at just £55 per month, and offers each member a monthly round of golf and networking session.

“Last year “FORE” Business launched an app that works on all smartphones. The app makes it even easier for members to network across all the groups, to identify and share business opportunities and new members joining across the UK.

“FORE” Business members can also upgrade to higher levels of membership that offer greater opportunities to network and play golf at other groups across the UK.

Sean Fergusson, also commented:

“Joining the “FORE” Business network is a straight-forward process. Any business owner / managing director simply visits the website and requests a free guest pass for their local group. They can then try out the concept with no risk before they sign-up. Plus, unlike most networking memberships where you are locked into a 12 month contract, “FORE” Business members are asked for just 3 months’ notice.”

Key Points

• £25 million pounds worth of business generated so far amongst members
• £1.2 million pounds of additional revenue for host golf clubs in first 3 years
• 90 groups across the UK
• 1600 members – all of whom are business owners
• The App encourages members to look for suppliers within the community first
• Plans to launch in overseas markets
• Academy Groups being introduced to help business owners who want to learn to play golf for the benefit of their business
• Bringing people back into the sport (in some cases after a break of over 20 years)
• Increasing the number of rounds played each month by already active golfers
• Giving business owners the justification to take time out during the week to play golf – because they can now get business
• Avoids conflict with family life at weekends