AGM Annual Report Pack

At last year’s AGM it was agreed that the Club will no longer automatically post copies of the Annual Report to members prior to future AGMs.

This change reflects the prevalence of digital communications among members. Importantly, the change will also deliver significant cost savings for the Club in office time, stationery and postage expenses.


This year the Annual Report will be emailed to every adult member using the addresses provided by members. The Report will also be available on the Club’s website in the secure members’ area and in the docs section of the Club V1 App.

Printed copies of the Report will be available from the office for those members who wish to collect a copy. Anyone wishing to receive a printed copy by post must inform the office of that preference.

We understand that this is a change from past practices. However, the administrative burden and cost involved in posting hundreds of copies of the Annual Report makes limited sense when we can use digital alternatives.